Friday, 2 July 2010

My observations about duets in movies

Duets !! The word itself spells lots of love, emotion and happiness... Duets form one of the pillars of our Indian movies and, when well composed and well placed in the story, convey the correct emotion in characters of movie as the story moves on, while transforming the movie from one phase to another... and at the same time, add a lot of medoly and meaning which is conveyed in the lyrics, music and dance.

How was it in the past?

One of the things I noticed to be common in duets of our yester years, is that the hero and the heroine in the song express the mutual appreciation, love and affection. They express the happiness of being together. The characters share a common emotion - be it love, agony, moral support, teasing - and such emotion which is the theme of the song remains consistent through out the song. Even the location of the song blends with the song and with the theme of the duet, and a lot of times nature itself forms a part of the beauty of the duet... Privacy, I think, is one of the most important aspects of such duests and is in abundance.

How is it now?

These days, unfortunately, I don't find such glory in some of these days' duets. The hero and the heroine are mobbed by around 40-50 artists who hardly allow the hero and the heroine to get together. All of them join together, use monstrous force and drag the hero and the heroine away from each other by their limbs, throw them around, and in some songs throw colors or even pour water on them. While this is the kind of treatment the hero and the heroine receive, they don't seem to be bothered at all with whats being done to them. The hero, somehow, manages to get free from such an arrest and approaches the heroine with some undefined and funny steps. The moment he reaches her, she suddenly runs away from him - a reaction a normal hero wouldn't expect... anyway, our modern hero doesn't mind it and continues his undefined and funny steps... with full of smiles. Meanwhile, what transpires in the mind of the heroine is not known, but she suddenly charges at the hero with such alarming aggressing that now its the hero's turn to seek reclusion. They express aggression towards each other, their body language is sometimes attacking. They sometimes show affection, sometimes elusion, sometimes aggression... may be they try to give a package of all possible human emotions in one song.

What happened?

Even the dance... I can't really define it but I shall try. "A forceful and sequential assembly of unrelated and comical animations defying the laws of physics and the dynamics of human skeletal system". May be! I don't know!! And the music has transpired from melody to melancholy, rhythm to beat, and what not.

What do I have to say?

No, I don't mean to offend these days duets as much as they offended me, but isn't it unrealistic to express the kind of emotions the hero and heroine do under given circumstances, and in the manner that is shown?

You decide.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Flaws in legal procedures in Courts

Flaw 1: No defined procedure to avoid delays

There is no procedure in the courts that can prevent parties from causing intentional and unreasonable delays in the case proceedings. When a party skips a court session on a date as directed by the Court, next date is given free of cost and for limitless number of times. There is no limit on number of leaves taken. Unfortunately, there is no accountability on the part of the party or the lawyers for causing such delays. Further, there is no way to verify the correctness of the reasons given for such delays.

Flaw 2: Lack of Accountability and Punishment

There is no accountability and punishment on the part of the lawyers and the parties for making wild and abusive allegations, and then not prove them. Further, there is no accountability for the kind of language and words used in the case. There is no regulation that ensures dignity of conduct while cases are carried out.

Flaw 3: Lack of Social Responsibility

Lawyers have a responsibility towards the society. They must ensure that the parties cooperate with the courts in proceedings. They should not allow their clients to make wild allegations against the other parties without proper proofs. Lawyers should not resort to dishonesty and abuse of people and process to win the cases. In reality, this is not the case as some lawyers grossly defy this responsibility.

I am sure the forerunners of the Law would understand the damage the above flaws can cause to the society. Addressing these flaws will ensure meeting the ends of justice and will enable the people to respect the Law to a greater extent, and trust the system. Importantly, the system matures from its current state to a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness to render lawful solutions.